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A Gateway of Happiness workshop at Ramanujan College Delhi University

Well Being Shiksha Foundation conducted a financial well being workshop on “Financial Wellbeing: A Gateway to Happiness”, organized by the Department of Commerce, on 20th March 2024, Wednesday at Ramanujan College Delhi University .

Dr. Neelam Tandon and Dr. Deepak Tandon sensitised students of Bachelor of Commerce of Ramanujan College to saving and investment planning .Dr. Neelam Tandon nudged students to plan their expenses and save money for contingency Dr. Deepak Tandon emphasised on consistency and discplined way of personal financial planning . Students were inquisitve to know about investment options and how to plan their expenses to save money for wealth creation.

The workshop was not meant to be a single event, but a starting point for the work that must be done incessantly with a continuous association with Ramanujan College



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