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Road Map
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Road Map

Road Map to Financial Well Being of School Students

Financial literacy is defined as a combination of financial awareness, knowledge, skills, attitude, and behaviors necessary to make sound financial decisions and ultimately achieve financial well-being. 

The New Education Policy 2020 (NEP 2020) has proposed the content and process of school education will be reoriented to develop holistic learners. The curriculum load will be reduced to key concepts and essential ideas, thus enabling space for deeper and more experiential learning. School education has been divided into three stages; the Preparatory stage (8 to 11 years), Middle stage (11-14 years), and Secondary stage (14-18 years). Well Being Shiksha Foundation's aim is to  promote financial education  at each stage of school education.

Stage 1

Presence of Well Being Shiksha Foundation In India

Well Being Shiksha Foundation has its presence  primarily in Delhi, Faridabad, Hyderabad, Noida, Pune, Gorakhpur, and Muzaffarpur.   

Stage 2

Well Being Shiksha Foundation Saving Campaigns

Well Being Shiksha Foundation in collaboration with management colleges across India has launched a Saving Campaign. The interns of Well Being Shiksha Foundation are sensitizing people in Delhi, Faridabad, Hyderabad, Noida, Pune, Gorakhpur, and Muzaffarpur on the importance of saving money.  

Stage 3

3R’s of Money 

Realise what Money is

Recognise what Money does

 Rationalize what to do with Money

Let us make India's Youth Financially Secured

Any questions about Well Being Shiksha Foundation? Just ask. Our advisors are here to help!

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