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Well Being Shiksha Foundation Interns' Feedback

Interns' Learning

  • I can identify the needs of the population and their financial appetite.

  • I also learnt to analyse the risk profiles of the respondents.

  • My core learnings at Well Being Shiksha Foundation is about the financial knowledge, financial literacy, financial attitude, financial skills, and financial behaviour. I learned how to save and what is the significance and scope of savings in the present scenario which is useful for the future.

  • I leant many new things, financial literacy, importance of savings, financial analysis, Budgeting, Managing time.

  • Learnt importance of savings. Good financial discipline brings good changes and learnt great deal of convincing skills.

  • It helped me to enhance my communication skills with students of age group 11 to 14 as well as with professional persons like managers and teachers.

  • It helped me to improve my leadership and teaching skills.

  • I learned to do networking with people.

  • My internship at Well Being Shiksha Foundation has broadened my knowledge and perspective on mental health in education, emphasized the importance of collaboration and community engagement, and highlighted the challenges and rewards of nonprofit work. These core learnings will undoubtedly shape my future endeavours in the mental health and education sectors. Also interact with professional bank manager, teachers.

Interns' Journey at Well Being Shiksha Foundation

  • Very good journey of summer internship with Well Being Shiksha foundation

  • No pressure of work

  • Having work life balance

  • Freedom of doing work from anywhere

  • It was really a good experience to work in Well Being Shiksha Foundation.

  • I have learned lessons of financial wellbeing and have started following it. Firstly, I opened recurring deposit account, then started preparing monthly expenses budget and reduced my expenses by this month. I learned what is financial literacy and how important it is to every individual. There are lot many things which I have learned during the internship period.

  • It was a great working experiencing with Well Being Shiksha Foundation, I build my confidence with interacting with people, came to know the importance of saving and time value of money.

  • A very positive journey which includes great deal of financial learnings and sharing and spreading financial awareness which leads to big amount of satisfaction.

  • It was a valuable experience.

  • My feedback regarding my journey at Well Being Shiksha Foundation is overwhelmingly positive. The organization provided a nurturing and supportive environment for me to learn and grow professionally.

  • My journey at Well Being Shiksha Foundation was educational, fulfilling, and inspiring. I am grateful for the experience and the opportunity to contribute to the organization's mission of promoting mental health in education. I am confident that the skills and insights I gained during my internship will continue to benefit me in my future endeavours.

Views Expressed as Interns to Ensure Financial Wellbeing

  • For financial wellbeing Education is the necessity for younger generation of the society

  • So, we should ensure that every child get education.

  • A suggestion to save more than they spend. First thing is to save, then spend. For the financial wellbeing, people must be engaged in knowing more about the financial matters, gain financial knowledge and should know about the four pillars of finance i.e., saving, spending, investing, and donating which are very much important for financial wellbeing of people or individuals in India.

  • Regular campaigns and frequent awareness programmes are to be conducted through online and offline mode and making sure it reaches every corner of the country.

  • Strengthen Financial Literacy, Encourage Savings and Investments, Improve Access to Banking and Financial Services, Increase Insurance Penetration, Strengthen Social Security Programs

Interns’ Dedication to Promote Financial Wellbeing

  • Will try to sensitize maximum youngsters towards saving and will ask to start with an amount as much as possible which will help in the future.

  • By telling a story that no one knows when time change and good time of yours get converted into bad time.

  • Wherever I go, firstly I will bring awareness in people about the importance of savings and how it is useful to every individual in saving more on a monthly, quarterly or on yearly basis. I will even guide them to prepare a budget and monthly expenses in a journal and do continue with the savings campaign even after my completion of internship.

  • I will interact with new people and try to understand their spending pattern and nudging them.

  • I will always be a member of Well Being Shiksha foundation irrespective of completion of internship. I make sure to continue my journey with the organization by spreading financial awareness and importance of savings to all groups of people and I will make sure that everyone around me is financially literate.

  • I suggest them to watch YouTube channel which provide finance related content.

  • I suggest people to read books like Rich Dad Poor Dad , Psychology of Money etc.



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