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Summer Internship Programme: Well Being Shiksha Foundation

Kompella Chandana

Piramal Capital & Housing Finance Ltd (PCHFL)

I am Kompella Chandana, I did PGDM (Post Graduate Diploma in Management) at the Institute of Public Enterprise (IPE), Shamirpet, Hyderabad with specialization in Banking, Insurance, and Financial Service.

I did my Summer Internship at Well Being Shiksha Foundation, registered under section 8 of the Companies Act 2013, headquartered in New Delhi, India.

At Well Being Shiksha Foundation, I as a Financial Education Executive, for a period of 6 weeks from 1st July 2022, have learned what is the importance of financial literacy and financial education.

I conducted a Savings Campaign in Hyderabad among children, friends, family, and neighbors to bring awareness among people by promoting financial literacy and achieving the financial well-being of people in the country.

After becoming an intern at WellBeing Shiksha Foundation, the main motto is “To save more and spend less”. I have learned the differences between financial awareness, financial knowledge, skills, attitude, and behavior.

My Summer Internship at Well Being Shiksha Foundation provided me with valuable hands-on experience and helped me in my studies. I have learned the four pillars of finance for financial well-being are savings, spending, investing, and donating. I also had an opportunity to design a savings campaign which was a part of the tasks assigned to me during my internship.

I have learned that we can save money by tracking expenses and preparing a budget, and then spending only on essentials, we must set saving goals and decide upon priorities, etc., I have learned about the five steps to financial success. They include: planning rationally, Spending cautiously, Saving diligently, Investing wisely, and giving generously.

The founder of WellBeing Shiksha Foundation, Dr. Neelam Tandon guided me in such a way that I could spread financial education to the younger generations and develop my personal financial knowledge in which I am very interested and due to dedication and hard work, I was declared as the Best Intern of the Organization for the year 2022, and through the knowledge I have gained through my learnings from Institute of Public Enterprise and Well Being Shiksha Foundation, I have cracked the interview with Piramal Capital and Housing Finance Limited, as a Branch Credit manager for which I am very happy.

Mr. Abhijeet Shekhar

Wipro Executive

Mr. Abhijeet Shekhar has shared his views regarding his learnings as an intern at Well Being Shiksha Foundation

“I got an internship opportunity in the Well Being Shiksha Foundation as a financial education executive”.

My learnings:

“I analyzed the risk profile of the respondents and the credit instruments used by them. I got to know about what things people spend more on and the reasons behind their savings. I also analyzed the demographic profile of respondents and their attitude towards saving money management towards the future”.

Findings; -“As I did this internship in my hometown, I found out that more than 75℅ of women do not have savings accounts in any bank”. “Despite all challenges, I was appreciated a lot by Dr. Neelam Tandon. It was a collaborative learning”.



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