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Financial Well-Being: A Gateway of Happiness

The Well Being Shiksha Foundation conducted a Workshop on: "Financial Well Being: A Gateway of Happiness " for the students of ITS Institute of Management on 8th May 2023

The agenda of the workshop was to create financial awareness among management students regarding investment decision-making and wealth creation. The eminent speakers were Ms. Sucharita Dwivedi, Ex-General Manager of PNB, Head Office New Delhi, Mr. Samir Kumar, Ex-General Manager of SIDBI, and Dr. Deepak Tandon, Professor of Finance and Accounting at IMI New Delhi.

Dr. Neelam Tandon, the founder of Well Being Shiksha Foundation explained to students the benefits of bookkeeping and budgeting and how to avoid impulsive buying to save money and invest. She gave them the mantra of financial well-being, " Save for liquidity and invest for wealth creation"

Ms. Sucharita sensitized students toward the benefits of banking savings schemes and how to maintain a good credit score to get a loan from the bank with ease. Mr. Samir Kumar explained the benefits of financial planning and how to create wealth by investing in mutual funds. He also shared the benefits of the National Pension Scheme and planning for term and health insurance at a young age. Dr. Deepak Tandon explained the technological benefits and risks during financial transactions. He also guided students to safeguard them from online financial fraud. Students of ITS Institute of Management asked many questions to save and invest in the market and remain happy.



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