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‘Financial Literacy & Saving Campaign’

Updated: Aug 29, 2023

SVERI’s College of Engineering Pandharpur in collaboration with Well Being Shiksha Foundation-conducted a ‘Financial Literacy & Saving Campaign’ on 6th January 2023 at Kawathekar Prashala Pandharpur School, Maharashtra. The students were from the ninth and tenth classes.

The SVERI’s MBA department Students’ in collaboration with the Well Being Shiksha Foundation sensitized School students about money management and budgeting and the significance of saving and investing money at a young age through role play and discussion.

MBA students formed twelve teams for twelve classes and sensitized school students by sharing the financial diary of the Well Being Shiksha Foundation with them. The entire practical/ workshop was conducted in the classrooms.

Most of the students of Kawathekar Prashala, Pandharpur school were not aware of the basics of money management, how to start saving, and plan to spend, invest, and donate money. But after conducting the financial awareness campaign school students were excited to learn more and implement money management in their lives.

Now, most students are aware of the importance of money management and the basics of financial well-being.

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