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Fianncial Literacy Among Students


Hello, little buddy today we are going to talk about things we really, really need and things that would make us super happy.

Needs: What we really, really need.

Food and water:

We need tasty food and water to stay strong and healthy. Just like a superhero 'spiderman' needs a good meal to be strong.


Having a safe and cozy home to live in is a need. It protects us from the weather and keeps us safe.


Clothes keep us warm or cool, like how a superhero like 'Batman' needs a costume. They make us feel comfortable and protected.


Going to school and learning new things is something we need, like knowing how to ride a bicycle or bike. It helps us to become super smart.

Wants: What Would Make Us Happy

Toys and fun stuff:

Cool toys and fun games are like a surprise gift. They make our playtime more exciting.

Yummy treats:

Yummy snacks like ice cream or chocolate are like a special treat. They taste oh-so-good.


Making our room look cool with stickers or posters is like adding glitter to our drawings. It makes our space awesome!

Remember, needs are like having a good breakfast to start the day strong, and wants are like having a tasty sweet after a meal, they're both great, but we need to make sure we have our meal first. Keep learning, and keep growing.

Author: Saurabh Gupta

Well Being Shiksha Foundation

Brand Ambassador

Editor: Dr. Neelam Tandon

Well Being Shiksha Foundation

Founder and Managing Director



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